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Dimitar Bechev is senior research fellow and head of the Sofia office of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). He is editor of What Does Turkey Think (ECFR, June 2011), a collection of essays by Turkish analysts, policymakers and academics exploring the country’s rapid domestic transformation and dynamic foreign policy

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Bulgaria: leaving no man's land behind for the EU open door

One lesson we are learning is that although Brussels is important, it is not a universal solution. Brussels is used as an excuse in Bulgaria so that we do not worry about political lobbying, the judicial system, and the media, because somebody else has the big stick. An interview with Dimitar Bechev. 

Britain's Bulgaria-Romania phobia

The panic in Britain over prospective Bulgarian and Romanian immigration is based on misunderstanding of European rules. It is also at odds with the country's best traditions, says Dimitar Bechev.

Bulgaria: students to the rescue

A prolonged crisis in Bulgaria exposes the bankruptcy of an entire political system in desperate need of renewal, says Dimitar Bechev.

Turkey, a people-power tide

The eruption of protest in Istanbul and other Turkish cities expresses vigorous opposition to the political direction of prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, says Dimitar Bechev.

Bulgaria’s elections: change we disbelieve in

A mixed result offers some satisfaction to all of Bulgaria's largest parties. But signs of escape from the country's political and economic troubles are elusive, says Dimitar Bechev.

Bulgaria’s anger, the real source

An escalating crisis in Bulgaria marked by street-protests across the country forced the government's resignation. But the instant wisdom that financial austerity caused it is misleading, says Dimitar Bechev.

Bulgaria, terror and aftershock

An attack on Israeli tourists in the Black Sea resort of Burgas is a moment of profound alarm for Bulgaria. It also highlights changes in the country’s international profile, says Dimitar Bechev in Sofia.

The Americanisation of Turkey

Turkey's international profile and domestic politics have long been oriented towards the European Union. Now, both the Arab awakening and the internal momentum of AKP rule are pushing Ankara closer to the United States, says Dimitar Bechev.

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