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Dr. Massouda Jalal is a political activist, former Minister of Women in Afghanistan, and founding President of Jalal Foundation, an ngo that brings together 50 women’s councils and organisations to promote women’s advancement through advocacy, service delivery, capacity building and ground breaking projects.


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Afghanistan: an all-time struggle for women

We need to say “enough!” to the leadership of people who foster oligarchy and treat Afghanistan as a playground for their selfish interests. The biggest battlefront is the election. Whatever change may happen, if women’s perspectives are not included, it will make no difference to the lives of women at all.

Karzai: a legacy of failure on Afghan women's rights?

With more fundamentalists predicted to win seats in the forthcoming election, the future is likely to see once again the use of religion as an instrument of extreme gender based oppression in Afghanistan. Will President Karzai use his remaining days in office to cement the foundations of women’s rights?

Afghanistan: fundamentalism, education, and the minds of the people

Women can only hope for a better future if the next generation of Afghans is taught to unlearn religious, cultural, and gender prejudices that are instrumental in their oppression. Education is pivotal to this vision, and it is the single attainable factor that keeps the hope of our women alive

CSW: Voices from Afghanistan

The engagement of women as suicide bombers in the Taliban insurgency manifests fresh directions in the approaches and ideologies of those who are behind it. Counterinsurgency measures need to pay attention to the factors that drive women and girls to join the Taliban as suicide bombers, says Massouda Jalal

Afghanistan: the blind pursuit of peace and reconciliation

Our peace process is a vessel for enabling more human rights violations to ensue in the near future. We need the international community to join us in strengthening the human rights of Afghan women. Let no country stand alone in protecting its people, says Massouda Jalal

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