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Palestinian resistance, the necessity of three fronts

Something must be done about Israel’s number one ally, the Palestinian Authority, otherwise what we are witnessing today will be merely another flare-up, as opposed to a turning point for decolonization and the beginning of an end to the occupation.

The security dilemma, the media and the Israeli bombardment

If you care about human life you should be appalled by what is happening in Gaza right now. But you should also be appalled if you are a hardheaded political realist. Or even if you simply love Israel.

As Israel-Palestine descends into violence, what should Europe do?

The latest effort by the Israel-aligned US to renegotiate the asymmetric power relationships of the Middle East has inevitably failed, with brutal violence following; it is time, as an alternative, for the EU to generalise the rule-based constraint on Israeli action it has tentatively essayed.

Ghassan’s memories

Kanafani can make you dream of a free Palestine in a multitude of ways. A Palestine freed through writing, through song, through poetry, through art, or through a rifle. 

This week's window on the Middle East - July 8, 2014

Arab Awakening's columnists offer their weekly perspective on what is happening on the ground in the Middle East. Leading the week: Syrian refugees in Turkey: “They are everywhere”.

One, two, three viva l'Algérie!

The match between Algeria and Germany was not solely the sporting equivalent of David and Goliath. The Algerian national team has a political history: from its creation by the FLN to its current outspoken support for the Palestinians,the Fennecs have brought revolt, internationalism and solidarity to the heart of the beautiful game.

The heavy presence of Jerusalem Light Rail: why Palestinian protesters attacked the tracks

The destruction of tram stations during the protests in East Jerusalem is much more than vandalism, it shows that Palestinians are not quietly acquiescing to the ‘unification’ of the city, which they understand as the annexation of occupied land.

Israel's self constructed image is crumbling

Shockingly, to the west, some of the violent outbursts coming out of Israel are being made by senior Israeli officials, including current ministers.

6 amazing photos that show Palestinian hopes for the end of occupation

Imagine waking up to see the bodies of your teenage children on your TV screen. Following the kidnapping and murders of three Israeli teenagers and the killing of more than six Palestinians, last night violent clashes took place across the West Bank and Gaza. Series: Palestine. 

This week's window on the Middle East - June 22, 2014

Arab Awakening's columnists offer their weekly perspective on what is happening on the ground in the Middle East. Leading the week: A voice from inside Mosul.

The no-State solution for Israel and Palestine

As the latest talks on a two-state solution sputter, the concept of one state for Palestinians and Israelis is gaining traction among those looking for an alternative way forward. But a real alternative would take a new approach to each side's national narratives and needs.

Avi Mograbi and conflict

He makes films about his people, his history, his politics and so ultimately he is making a film about himself. Film review.

This week's window on the Middle East - May 22, 2014

Arab Awakening's columnists offer their weekly perspective on what is happening on the ground in the Middle East. Leading the week, Welcome to the 'Factory of Men'.

By misdiagnosing Israel-Palestine, donor aid harms Palestinians

No amount of aid can bring about a just, positive, and lasting peace, until the fundamental injustices of occupation and dispossession are seen for what they are.

Some thoughts prompted by the celebration of Israel Independence Day

Citizens of the State of Israel celebrated their anniversary of independence on 6 May 2014. After the celebrations, the author responds to three articles recently published on openDemocracy, explaining why any proposal to close down the Palestinian Authority must sound totally illogical to Israeli ears.

The fate of Gulf migrant workers is deeply connected to the fate of the Arab uprisings

The more the Gulf states pay a reputational cost in the west for maintaining this system of exploitation, the harder it will be for them to resist demands for serious reform. 

New media and the changing narrative on Palestine

The new activism of a young generation in the US has largely come out of the multiplicity and consistency of a new media narrative confidently mushrooming from a new generation of educated Palestinians. 

If Kerry fails, dissolution or collapse of the Palestinian Authority becomes inevitable

Israel could be forced to choose between two options: the consolidation of a one-state reality, which would then force it to become an apartheid state, or grant Palestinians full citizenship.

Palestinian reconciliation and the future of Israel-Palestinian negotiations

The latest agreement between Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organisation has given the region some hope. A potential pivot away from the US towards the EU or Gulf states could breathe life into the geo-political position of this new united Palestine.

The role of Palestinian women in resistance

Despite fighting deeply rooted patriarchal structures, for decades Palestinian women have played an integral role in resistance. Without the prioritization of the emancipation of women, national liberation will not be achieved.  

This week's window on the Middle East - April 14, 2014

Arab Awakening's columnists offer their weekly perspective on what is happening on the ground in the Middle East. Leading the week, Contempt and humiliation greet the Pope's visit to the Holy Land.

Foreign aid: development or 'de-development'?

Foreign aid has only incapacitated Palestinians and made them ever more dependent on the west. The aid industry must choose between either blindly subsidizing oppression or recognize what is actually taking place and cease its support. 

Contempt and humiliation greet the Pope's visit to the Holy Land

Just weeks before Pope Francis’ first official visit to the Holy Land, a number of Christian holy sites in Israel and Palestine have been targeted in ‘price tag’ attacks by the radical Israeli settler movement. These attacks have been increasing since 2008.

One century after World War I and the Balfour Declaration: Palestine and Palestine studies

To hug one's identity in an age of globalisation is a global phenomenon witnessed in the break-up of states and devolution movements worldwide. The one-staters run counter to this trend. The veteran Palestinian historian explains how students of this history can best counter a woeful tale of hubris.

Internalised oppression

Palestinian officials too often assume the role of oppressor, condemning spontaneous reactions to Israeli violations and promoting meek submission in its stead. They cast the Palestinian people in the roles of suspect and offender. Such attitudes only feed into the occupier’s spin on reality.

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