IKEA and LGBT – falling between the flatpacks?

What does a multinational company do when a country where it operates has laws that run counter to international human rights norms? Kathryn Dovey suggests how IKEA could honour its rights commitments while protecting its Russian profits.

Russia's anti-gay own goal

Russia’s law outlawing ‘gay propaganda’ has brought into the open a subject that was almost unmentionable before. And ordinary Russians have turned out to be less homophobic than anyone imagined, says Sergey Khazov. 

Russia needs its own Stonewall: see Igor Yasin's contribution here

Russia needs its own Stonewall, not Western sanctions

As Western sympathizers call for a boycott on the Sochi Olympics, Igor Yasin wonders if this is quite the best way to help Russia’s LGBT community win their fight for equality. 

Russia's anti-gay own goal: see Sergey Khazov's contribution here

A Different Childhood

What is the experience of growing up gay in Russia? oDRussia publishes extracts of Sergey Khazov's semi-autobiographical novel — longlisted for a literary award in 2010, but deemed  'too politically sensitive' by publishers to make it into print. 

Do Russians give a damn about homosexuality?

Popular support is usually one of the reasons offered in support of Russia’s new anti-gay laws. To what extent does polling actually support such assertions? Alexander Kondakov presents the latest research data. 

From the shadows into the light – and back again

Poet and performer Olga Krause traces her life as a lesbian in Russia—from Soviet times, when the word itself was barely known, through increasing acceptance, and back to a newly violent and hostile environment. 

Kill or cure?

In Russia, homophobia is not just an attitude, but government policy, with new legislation reinforcing traditional hostility to sexual minorities and violence against gay people as common as ever. Svetlana Reiter discussed the situation with psychologist Vladimir Shakhidzhanian.

Rainbow Russia

What is life like for gay men and women in Russia? Sergey Khazov looks at the country's gay infrastructure, and discovers a very fragmented picture.

Brokeback in Belarus

Valery Sidorenko and Sergei Ostapchuk, both tractor drivers, live together happily in a remote village in the Grodinsky region of Belarus. Alyona Soiko travelled there to meet them and hear their story.

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